• Beauty&Melody

    Beauty & Melody is an all-female ensemble from Sichuan Province

  • Bruno Philippe

    Bruno Philippe was born in 1993 in Perpignan. There he began studying the cello with Marie-Madeleine Mille

  • Darrell Ang

    Asia's pre-eminent young conductor Darrell was born in Singapore and is a regular guest with some of the world's greatest orchestras

  • Frédéric Lodéon

    In 1972 he won the Grand Prix du Concours International Maurice Maréchal

  • Hervé N’Kaoua

    Hervé N’Kaoua is a piano player from Bordeaux

  • Ismaël Margain

    Ismaël Margain was born in 1992 in Sarlat (France) where he started his musical education

  • Kai Strobel

    Born in a family of musicians Kai Strobel took his first percussion lessons at the age of 6 with Marta Klimasara

  • Lukas Geniusas

    Born in Moscow he started to play the piano at the age of 5

  • Philippe Banel

    Philippe Banel is a French journalist and editor-in-chief of Tutti-magazine.fr

  • Quatuor Arod

    Created in 2013 Quatuor Arod won First Prize of ARD Munich in 2016

  • Séverine Garnier

    Séverine Garnier is a French journalist covering classical music for newspapers Le Parisien/Aujourd'hui-en-France and Sud Ouest.

  • Thomas Leleu

    « Révélation soliste instrumental de l’année » at the Victoires de la Musique Classique 2012

  • William Hernandez

    He started his musical education playing the flute and studied musical pedagogy at UCR.

  • Yura Lee

    Yura LEE is a violinst and viola player

  • Yusuke Kobori

    Yusuke Kobori was born in Japan in 1986. He was admitted in 2005 to the Kunitachi College of Music